Selecting The Markets

Selecting The Markets :

Target markets should be selected after careful consideration or various factors like political embargo, scope of exporter's selected product, demand stability, preferential treatment to products from developing countries, market penetration by competitive countries and products, distance of potential market, transport problems, language problems, tariff and non-tariff barriers, distribution infrastructure, size of demand in the market, expected life span of market and product requirements, sales and distribution channels.

For this purpose you should collect adequate market information before selecting one or more target markets. The information can be collected from various sources like Export Promotion Councils (EPCs) / Commodity Boards, Federation of Export Organisation, Institute of Foreign Trade (IFT), Trade Promotion Organisation (TPO), Embassies Abroad, Foreign Embassies, Import Promotion Institutions Abroad, Overseas Chambers of Commerce and Industries, Various Directories, Journals, Market Survey Reports etc. etc.

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