Selecting The Product To Export

Selecting The Product To Export :

Carefully select the product to be exported. For proper selection of a product, study the trends of export of different items from their countries.

The selected product must be in demand in the countries where it is to be exported. It should be possible to procure or manufacture the selected product at most economic cost so that it can be competitively priced. It should also be available in sufficient quantity and it should be possible to supply it repeatedly and regularly.

Besides, while selecting the product, it has to be ensured that you are conversant with Government policy and regulations in respect of the product selected for export.

You should also know import regulations in respect of such commodities by the importing countries. It would be preferable if you have previous knowledge and experience of commodities selected by you for export.

A non-technical person should avoid dealing in high-tech products.

Another important feature to be kept in mind is that product should be adapted as per market requirement.

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