Simple Cover Letter

Simple Cover Letter :

We have mentioned that there are some technical matters to consider when preparing a cover letter that may be scanned by an OCR. Here are some pointers to keep in mind to keep your cover letter scanner-friendly.

Use familiar type faces (fonts)…. size should be between 10-14 points.

Avoid using italics or underlining.

Sometimes boldface is a problem, so use capital letters instead.

Avoid shading and graphics which use horizontal or vertical lines.

Leave space between letters and lines of text.

If possible, use a laser printer. A high quality dot matrix printer will likely be scannable as well.

Print black ink on white paper for best effect.

Some scanners have difficulty with bullets. If you do use bullets, make sure they are solid, not hollow. If you are submitting your cover letter by e-mail, use an asterisk rather than a bullet.

Do not staple your cover letter to your resume. By the way, you wouldn't staple them even if you knew they would not be' scanned.

Do not fold your cover letter. This means using large envelopes rather than the standard #10 envelope.

Note : If you are sending your cover letter and resume bye-mail, make sure you are using an text and have a clear, descriptive title for the subject of your e-mail correspondence.

By template : Sometimes you are asked to respond by completing a template. Most of the data boxes are for objective material such as your job titles or e-mail address. However, many templates offer the opportunity to send a brief text. If capacity is limited, you can send a quickie letter like this one.

"My six years of experience in inventory management should be an asset to your firm. I have a firm grasp of JIT, proven skills in organization, logistics and supervision.

"Your firm is of particular interest to me because of your product line and because I want to return to the Chicago area."

Some templates are able to acconunmodate a full cover letter. Addresses and salutations are not recommended for a text of this type. Just get to your core message, which is experience, skills, motivation and geographic compatibility.

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