Specimen of Introductory Letter to Importers Abroad

Specimen of Introductory Letter to Importers Abroad : 15th April, 2001

Ref : ABC / Eng 2001

The Manager - Purchase
M/s XYZ Ltd.,

Dear Sir,

We are exporters of a wide variety of items including. . .... for the last ten years.

Our major buyers are in We are one of the registered Export Houses in our country.

We represent the leading manufacturers of these items in India. These items are produced in collahoration with……..the world famous company and have an understanding with them to use this technology for export production. We follow the BIS specifications.

We understand that your company imports the items we export. We are interested in expanding our trade with your company. We are enclosing herewith a copy of our brochure and price list for your kind perusal. We shall be glad to send detailed literature/samples of items that may be of interests to you, on hearing from you.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours truly,

Manager –Exports
For ABC Ltd.

Encl : As above

Comments :

I. The text can be suitably amended with reference to the manufacturing activity or/items dealt in by the exporter.

2. Where the manufacturing is not in collaboration with a foreign company, it need not be referred to.

3. Product literature (of the buyer's interest) and price list should invariably be sent along with the letter.

4. The price list should categorically indicate what the prices are. However, discount need not be indicated in the price list.

5. The profile of your Company should generally include the following matters :

(1) Company's name and address / E-Mail Address / Telephone / Cable / Fax / Date of establishment / Website Address if any

(2) Export Executives

(3) Status : Partnership/Company / Government

(4) Bank Reference

(5) Exporting Since

(6) Value of Assets

(7) No. of Employees – Manufacturing – Sales – Administration

(8) Foreign Offices / Representatives, if any

(9) Exporter / Manufacturer / Agent

(10) Main Line

(11) Technical Collaboration

(12) Standards/Speci fication followed

(13) Major Buyers- In India - Abroad

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