SQL Interview Questions and Answers

SQL Interview Questions and Answers :

If you have changed many jobs, it's certain that you will be asked why you want to change jobs. You may be asked the question even if you have not changed jobs for a long time. It is important to have a good answer. You should have a plausible reason as to why you intend to leave your present employrnent. Employers are wary of job-hoppers. They spend a considerable amount of their time choosing a candidate whom they think will be with them for many years. They must feel comfortable that you will be with them for a while. Recently, the human resources head of a large private sector bank interviewed an individual who knew his work extremely well, was smart and totally presentable. Yet, he was not hired as he had changed eight jobs in ten years. The interviewer was uncomfortable with his job-hopping.

It is important that the interviewers know you are seeking a new position of your own volition and that you are not being fired.

There are various reasons for quitting a job... These include….

The job was not as it was described.

The organisation changed its focus / goals.

There was an ineffective use of talents / skills.

The organisation was downsizing or re-organising.

All of these will probably prompt a follow-up question. Do not fabricate answers. When asked why you left, do not downgrade your prior / current employer in any way. Leave the interview with the feeling that you have only been associated with winners. Present yourself as a vital, enthusiastic emnloyee who can offer his experience to the organisation for many years to come. Point out that you are not just looking around but sincerely want to work for this particular company and that you are not a job-hopper but are interested in a long-term career move.

Reorient the question and shift the focus on why you want to join the new organisation. Determine some of the key elements in the corporate structure, product base, employees / management team or recent history. Determine what appeals to you about working in this company. If you really have some positive reasons for wanting to work for this new company, go with that. Use your research to put forth several points about the company that you feel will be a great match and suit your particular skills and experiences. Emphasise on the fact that this opportunity to work for them is just what you have been looking for. Then go into several ways you can add value to the organisation.

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