Successful Job Interviews

Successful Job Interviews :

The Disorganised One

While this is annoying, it may not be entirely his fault. He may have just received your papers. He may be a line manager who is highly overworked. He may be sitting in for somebody else. You have to remember that you are seeking a job, not him. Your job is to impress upon him that you are the best person. That’s all.

The Know-All

The know-all thinks he knows all there is to interviewing and everything else. These know-alls are overconfident and usually tremendous egotists. They love themselves and believe they are God’s gift to mankind. Often they are brash and try to impress you with their greatness, going to great lengths to do so. You can expect them to…

Be effusive, with a hail-fellow-well-met attitude.

Be aggressive… "I get what I want.”

Be opinionated… ‘This country is going down the tubes."

Try and make you feel less informed.

Be domineering… "When I say 1 want this done, I mean it”

Be bigoted….1 think a woman’s place is in the kitchen, don’t you?”

Drop names… "The other day when I was having lunch with Mukesh Ambani..."

These persons believe they know exactly what is required in a candidate and think they have an unerring eye for the right person. They will use terms such as GUT FEEL for the right type and a HUNCH on who will fit in properly. Taking their character in view, the type they are looking for is a YES MAN who will make them feel good. They are essentially bullies and will not take or accept someone more capable than them or someone who threatens their confidence in themselves.

The Aggressive Interviewer

The aggressive interviewer is usually filled with self-importance. These interviewers need to be handled with care. The important thing to remember is to not react aggressively. You should be calm and retain your dignity. You should not get into a direct confrontation as that can degenerate into an argument (and that can go against you).

The Bigot

Believe it or not, there are bigots out there - bigots who believe a woman’s place is in the kitchen and that a shopkeeper’s son should be a shopkeeper. There is place for everything under the sun. Discrimination is wrong. However, you may not be in a position to say so. Therefore, you should be mature and answer the questions put to you fairly and without bias.

The Lost Interviewer

The lost or clueless interviewer wonders why he is there in the first place. He does not know what to ask and usually sits and listens to what the others have to say. He sometimes interjects to the surprise of everyone concerned, with a question - a question that may not have any bearing on the others being asked.

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