Syllabication in
Business Letters

Syllabication in Business Letters :

Syllabication in Business Letters :

In order to preserve a uniform right-hand margin, it is often necessary to divide a word at the end of a line. The division must always be made between syllables, never elsewhere. The following rules, while not exhaustive, will materially assist the student in determining where the division should be made.

1. Do not divide a word of one syllable.

Wrong : thr-ough, stren-gth, brou-ght, sle-ight

2. When two or more letters together represent one sound, they must not be divided.

Wrong : telep-hone, arit-hmetic, mec-hanic, toi-ling

Right : tele-phone, arith-metic, me-chanic, toil-ing

3. Do not separate a syllable of one letter from the rest of the word.

Wrong : a-lone, man-y, e-nough, bus-y, u-nite

Right : alone, many, enough, busy, unite

4. When, in forming derivatives, a consonant is doubled, the division should usually be made between the double letters.

Wrong : permitt-ed, shipp-ing, remitt-ance, blott-er

Right : permit-ted, ship-ping, remit-tance, blot-ter

5. Do not separate ed from the rest of the word unless it is pronounced as a separate syllable.

Wrong : ship-ped, refer-red, loan-ed, laugh-ed, hop-ed

Right : shipped, referred, loaned, laughed, hoped

Right : rat-ed, profit-ed, remit-ted commend-ed, present-ed

6. Usually a prefix or a suffix may be separated from the rest of the word.

Right : ante-cedent, il-legible, annual-ly, fill-ing, sing-er

7. Divided so as to preserve as syllables tion, sion, dan, dent, tient, dal, tial, tious, dous, gious, geous, and gicn.

Wrong : nat-ion, permiss-ion, optic-ian, effic-ient, offc-ial

Right : na-tion, permis-sion, opti-cian, effi-cient, offi-cial

Syllabication in Business Letters :

Syllabication in Business Letters

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