Teacher Resume Cover Letter

Teacher Resume Cover Letter :

How does this helps?

We saw how two people wrote, reviewed and refined a prototype cover letter. Rather than starting afresh when writing to a new employer, both Lauren and Gabrielle were able to change a few sentences of the prototype to reflect changing situations.

Some points to remember areā€¦.

Plan your letter before you start writing. That includes some serious thought about your positive characteristics, motivation and potential credibility gapes.

When mentioning more than one point, rank-order them in the reader's anticipated order of interest. This is especially true for paragraphs two and three.

Indicate the research you did for that letter. Research lends credibility to your letter.

When in doubt:

Include a strong statement, even if it isn't the most compelling point possible.

Write nothing unless you are sure your statement is both accurate and true.

Try to link your past experience (and behavior) to your next job as clearly as possible. Finding a common construct that covers both a past job and your desired future is one good way to do that.

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