Testing Interview Questions

Testing Interview Questions :

Would you be more comfortable working with data or collaborating with individuals?

Never choose a particular option here. Talk about your ability to acclimatize as per the demand of situation. This will keep your options open and assure the interviewer of your capability to work with indifferent situations.

Do you believe taking risk is fine to achieve a goal?

The answer to this question would be yes. Pronounce that a calculated risk is required to achieve a goal. You believe if one does not take a calculated risk, the possibility of inventing new innovative ideas would be extremely stumpy. Every innovative idea is invented by taking a calculative risk. This would directly lead to bad results, which can affect the working of an organization.

What would you do if your decision has resulted in a failure of a project?

Do not try to play the blame game here. You should simply accept your fault. Not only you should accept your fault but also apologize for your mistake. Positively tell the interviewer that you will learn from your mistake and never repeat it.

HOW would you react if your trustworthiness is questioned?

Do not provide a hasty or an emotional answer to this question. Say that you would first like to find out the cause of lack in trustworthiness. If required, you shall give an explanation. An assurance of winning back the trust should also be given.

What irritates you about people around you?

Do not make any judgmental remarks about the people around you. You can always talk about disliking fake and shallow people. Make sure you do not pass any derogatory comments about anyone.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

One should never talk about his drinking or gambling habits. One should always show that even in his spare time, he enjoys doing something constructive. You can converse about painting, reading, writing a diary, swimming, photography or playing any other sport.

Why did you decide to leave your last job?

Never try to portray a negative image of your previous organization or boss. You can always talk about the lack of opportunity to grow, limitation in experimenting or simply because you feel that this organization will provide a better and bigger opportunity to grow.

How soon can you join if this job is offered?

Before committing the time period, be absolutely sure. Calculate the time of notice period required at the previous organization. If the notice period is already served, keep in mind the time required to collect the realizing letter and work experience certificate. Only commit to a fixed date if you have all the required papers and serving of the notice period is not required.

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