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Thank-You Notes :


Thank-you notes, another type of personal letter, are sent as a courtesy to thank someone for his or her thoughtfulness or kindness. After receiving a gift, flowers, or a favour, sending a thank-you note lets the sender know you received the gift, noticed the favour, or appreciated his/her kindness. The thank-you note should be sent as soon as possible after receiving the gift or favour. Thank-you notes follow the same format as friendly letters and in general should be handwritten. Depending on who will receive the letter, you may use decorative note paper. A sample thank-you note follows.

403 West Seventh Street
St. Leonard - NB E3B - 3W9

July 12 - 2009

Dear Laura and Stan,

We had a great time at your cottage last weekend. Two whole days of rest and good company beside the ocean did wonders for both of us! It certainly was good to catch up on what you’ve been doing and the food was fantastic. Thanks for giving us such a good time. We’re looking forward to seeing you in September at our camp for some fishing.

Your friends,

Pauline and Dary

Note the margins left around the outside of the letter. At least an inch should be left all around the text of the letter.


Another type of personal letter, a letter of condolence, is sent to express sympathy for something that has happened to the reader of the letter or to someone close to him/her. This is probably the most difficult of all personal letters to write. You will want to console the reader without increasing his/her sorrow. When writing letters of condolence, start by telling why you are writing the letter. Then, tell how you feel about the situation. Express your sympathy. Keep the letter as simple as possible.

A letter of condolence follows.

RR 4 - Site 23 - Box 19
Chipman - NB E7N - 3T6

July 25 - 2009

Dear Jack,

I heard only yesterday about Patty’s accident. I want to express my deep sympathy to you and your family on her death.

There is no way that I can say in words how I feel, but I hope you know how shocked and sad I was when I heard the news. Patty was a very good friend and I will never forget her. She was a generous woman who was always there for me.

I will miss her very much as will all of us here who knew her.



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