The Body of A Business Letter

The Body of A Business Letter :


The body of a business letter is written in formal language, unlike the casual language of a friendly letter. As a general rule, most business letters should be short and to the point; a busy person does not have time or interest in wading through extra words or confusing details. Each letter you write must be absolutely perfect in spelling, grammar, sentence structure, appearance, and format. There is a difference between school and the world of work. A teacher may pass a letter with sloppy format because the content is good. In a work situation, even one mistake may cost you the job you want or the order you are trying to get because it may convince the reader that you are sloppy and irresponsible.

When structuring a good letter, try to keep to three paragraphs and one page if possible.

Paragraph : 1

Introduce the subject so the reader can zero in on what you are writing about.

Paragraph : 2

Present the details in a logical easy to follow order.

Paragraph : 3

Close with a specific request, contact information and a courteous thank you.

The Body of A Business Letter

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