The Mechanical Make-Up of A Business Letter

The Mechanical Make-Up of A Business Letter :

The Mechanical Make-Up of A Business Letter :

No matter how important the message it contains, if a letter is unattractive in appearance it is likely to be cast aside with little attention. Neatness and taste in arrangement are to the letter what appearance is to the person.

The first essential of artistic appearance is the arrangement of the letter on the page. It should be so placed that the left and right-hand margins are of equal width and that the top and bottom margins are also equal. The margin is to a letter what the mat is to a picture. It gives to a letter a balanced appearance.

The left and right-hand margins should never be less than one inch. If the letter is short the margins should be correspondingly wider. The margins at the top and bottom should be a little wider than the side margins. Special care should be taken to see that the right-hand margin is kept as even as possible. Nothing gives a letter so unattractive an appearance as a ragged right-hand margin. Do not crowd the letter too far toward the top of the page. If the letter is short, instead of writing three or four lines entirely across the page, write seven or eight lines near the middle of the page.

Another essential of artistic appearance in a typewritten page is an even touch, which means that all type impressions should have the same degree of density. To secure an even touch, the type must be clean and good ribbons must be used. Special attention must be given to capital letters and care should be used to see that the punctuation marks are struck lightly.

Except in the case of very short letters, a better display can be secured by single spacing, with double spacing between paragraphs. Always double space between the parts of the letter….that is, between the introductory address and the salutation…..between the salutation and the body of the letter.

The Mechanical Make-Up of A Business Letter :

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