The Salutation in
A Business Letter

The Salutation in A Business Letter, :

The Salutation in A Business Letter, :

The salutation is the term of respect or courtesy used to introduce the letter. It is placed below the address and is begun at the left-hand margin. The choice of the salutation depends on the degree of familiarity existing between the correspondents.

The following models illustrate the correct forms for the introductory address and the salutation:


Dr. John H, Benson,
Chicago, Illinois.

Dear Sir:


Miss Mary Littler,
Denver, Colorado.

Dear Madam:


Dear Miss Littler:


The Galax Hardware Company,
Galax, Virginia,


Punctuation — The salutation is followed by a colon. A colon and a dash or a comma and a dash may be used, but the colon is preferable.

Notes :

1. The proper salutation of a purely business letter is Dear Sir or Gentlemen. Dear Sirs, once considered good usage, is now obsolete. Where a cordial relation exists, it is permissible to use My dear Sir or Dear Mr. Blank.

2. Sir or Sirs is used only in official or very formal correspondence.

3. The salutations. Dear Friend, My dear Friend, Dear Hall, etc., show affectionate regard and should be confined to social letters.

4. When addressing a woman, either married or unmarried, the correct salutation is Dear Madam. If, however, the person addressed is a girl known to be in or just past her teens, it is better to use the name as, Dear Miss Blank. In addressing a married woman…. Dear Mrs. Blank may be used even when there is only a slight acquaintance.

5. In addressing a firm or other group of women, Ladies is the proper salutation.

6. Observe that dear is capitalized only when it is the first word of the salutation.

The Salutation in A Business Letter, :

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