Tips for A Job Interview

Tips for A Job Interview :

Courses / Trainings Attended

It is useful to detail Courses / Trainings Attended as it would give the prospective employer an idea of your post-qualification training and would also make him realise that you are keeping yourself up-to-date on the latest developments and management/professional theories and submissions.

Extra-curricular and Other Achievements

List your extra-curricular and non-job-oriented achievements. If you are a good citizen and do voluntary work for the community, state it in your CV. It will give the prospective employer a better picture of you. Do not be modest but do not brag. List your virtues, achievements and skills realistically.

You may also want to share information on your proficiency in different languages. With globalisation on the rise, this skill is becoming highly valued. Computer skills are also becoming more and more of a necessity. Candidates are often rejected because they are not computer-literate.

There is no need to state irrelevant details such as whether you are married or whether you have children or what your height and weight is unless the job specifically requires persons of a certain weight and height.


One question I am often asked is whether you should state the salary that you currently receive and the remuneration you expect.

My view is that you should not mention these unless the advertisement specifically asks for details as they work to your disadvantage. If you state your current remuneration the prospective employer is able to place you in a certain bracket and may even think you are not suitable. If you state your expectation, you may either under-price yourself or alternatively over-price yourself out of a job.

What should you do? My recommendation is to state that it is negotiable (all salaries are) or to state that you would expect the market salary for a person of your qualifications, experience and skills.


Should you or shouldn't you give references? In my opinion, at this stage it is not necessary to give references. If a job is offered, the prospective employer will ask for a reference, especially from your present and past employers.

The note, "references will be given on request" that one sees on some CVs is an absolute irrelevance. It is an irritation and should be avoided. If the prospective employer requires a reference, he will demand it and it would have to be given.

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  • Related Links : Tips for A Job Interview