Tips for Job Interview

Tips for Job Interview :

Statement of Objectives

Many persons recommend that CV s should have an objectives statement right at the beginning. This they claim is because you need to find a focus for the CV. Their suggestions range from enunciating your ultimate ambition to telling the prospective employer the sort of work you're hoping to do. Some of these include….

• To be the head of a pharmaceutical company

• To serve customers diligently

• To gain experience in the steel industry

I am not a great supporter of statements of objectives as I do not see any point in them. Your objective is to get the job you are applying for. No more. No less. Statements of objectives may also put people off. I know of a person who had applied for a position as a management trainee in a foreign bank. He wrote that his objective was to be the chairman of the bank. The person who read it felt the candidate was being presumptuous and did not call him for the interview. In another situation, one individual mentioned that his objective was a career in sales. The interviewers liked him very much and felt he could be an asset to the organisation. However, there was no opening in sales. There was one in production, but they did not offer it to him as they felt that this did not meet his objective.

Personal Information

The CV should, at the start, state your personal details - name, address, phone numbers and e-mail ill. Some suggest that this can be at the end, on the grounds that these are unimportant. I tend to disagree because interviewers like to know at the start the person's age and his contact address / telephone numbers. Therefore I recommend that this be placed right at the top.

Some pointers :

• If you are a student or in a transferable job (and the transfer is imminent) mention another address or contact number where you can be reached or at worst where you will receive a message.

• When you're giving your e-mail ID, make sure it appears professional. People may not feel comfortable responding or sending e-rnails to sexylegs or king of the jungle.

• If you have your own website, you may also want to include its URL on your CV. However, you should ensure that it contains only pertinent professional information and images.

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