Tips for Job Interviews

Tips for Job Interviews :

Professional Qualifications

These are extremely important as it establishes your suitability for the position sought. The most prestigious qualification should be mentioned first and then the others should be detailed in order of their importance.

You should also mention the professional honors you have received. If you have been ranked first in examinations held by the Institute of Chartered Accountants, you should mention it, as it is an achievement that would add weight to the CV. Achievements impress…. if you do not speak of your achievements how will your prospective employers know? Hema Ravichandar of Infosys states…. "Education is critical in the early part of one's career, as that forms the fulcrum for leveraging one's career."

Academic Qualifications

This should follow - personal and professional information as it details your academic suitability for the position applied for. This should begin with your highest qualification and then meander down. If you had the ability and/or good fortune to study at a reputed university or school, you must mention this as it helps the reader assess the quality of your qualifications. An MBA from Harvard Business School or Stanford is given more weightage than an MBA from the University of Alaska. Similarly in India an MBA from the Indian School of Business (Hyderabad) or from one of the Indian Institutes of Management is more revered than one from the Downtown College of Business.

You should also mention achievements of academic excellence. If you have received a gold medal at the university or got a rank in another exam, these should be mentioned.

It is important to remember that a string of degrees does not necessarily make the person more eligible. As Pradeep Gidwani - CEO of Fosters India – says…. "Basic education is a must. But we are not fixated on degrees or brands of educational institutions. We look at the individual."

Professional / Career History

Your professional career should be geared to the job that you are aiming for. Show how you have handled the responsibilities given and developed the skills that the job requires. It is important to describe these and list your achievements. You should state your present responsibilities first and then list the other positions in descending order. This is because your present position is the most relevant. Use, wherever possible, power' words such as directed, administered, conceived, originated and similar strong words. These are power' words and indicate responsibility, trust and maturity. Sentences should be short. If you can use key statistics and figures to illustrate your point you should do so.

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  • Related Links : Tips for Job Interviews