Tips on Job Interviews

Tips on Job Interviews :

The advertisement or information that you are responding to would indicatethe kind ofperson being sought. You should mould your letter and CV to highlight your suitability, detailing your experience and academic qualifications that make you an eminently suitable candidate.

There are three parts to a CV….

a) The envelope

b) The letter of transmittal

c) The cv

It is important that the transmittal letter and the above are typed neatly or word-processed. The ideal font in my opinion is Times New Roman in 12 points size. Sandra Martyres, Chief Operating Officer of Societe India opines…. "Candidates will be well-advised to use the MS Word format, so that they avoid a War and Peace type of tome which only irritates the prospective employer."

1. The Envelope :

The envelope that encloses your letter of transmittal and CV must be properly addressed to the person to whom the application is to be sent. The name should be properly spelt and the designation correctly stated.

If you are sending an unsolicited application the envelope should be addressed to the head of human resources or to the chief executive officer of the company.

2. The Letter of Transmittal

The letter of transmittal (sometimes known as a cover letter) that is sent with the CV is very important because it is read first. It must quickly introduce you and explain why you are the right person. The advertisement or information that you are responding to would have indicated the kind of person who is being sought. You should explain quickly why you are eminently suitable. The letter should whet the reader's appetite and force him to invite you for an interview. Haresh Chawla - Chief Executive - CNBC India – recalls….. "One resume that I fmd memorable is of a candidate who, in his covering letter, wished me and my organisation sunshine all year through and signed off with a showering of blessings, wishing that we grow and prosper in the years to corne. While we didn't hire him, I must admit that he achieved what he had set out to do in the first place - he got me to notice his resume.

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  • Related Links : Tips on Job Interviews