Tips on Writing A Resume

Tips on Writing A Resume : Unlike an application form, when we have little choice in what we include and the way we present the information, the CV IS completely different.

Our CV is our personal sales brochure. :

• We design the layout of our CV.

• We decide what to include and what to exclude.

• We determine how long it will be and how it will be presented.

We are competing in an overcrowded market, seeking to grab the attention of our reader. Every day personnel managers, directors and managers are bombarded with literature, most of which will end up in the bin! A single job advert can result in a company receiving hundreds, if not thousands, of replies. So:

• How will we make ours stand out?

• How can we make an immediate, positive impact on the reader?

When we begin to see our CV as our personal sales brochure, which advertises what we have done and can do for the reader, then we have an increased chance of meeting our objectives.

Avoid information overload

Unfortunately, many people go straight into the TELL MODE. A client who recently attended one of my courses had compiled a nine-page CV packed with information!

The opening lines included….

• Age and date of birth (just to emphasise how old he really was!)

• All the schools and colleges he had attended throughout his life.

• The year he was married.

• The ages of his children.

• All his hobbies and interests.

This was followed by a detailed overview of his 35-year career! Sorry, but there was only one place this CV was going - in the bin.

When writing our CV, we should bear in mind the following….

It should be….

• Relevant

• Selling your achievements

• Easy to read and follow

• Detailed and accurate

• Truthful

• Highlighting the skills you have developed both in and outside of work.

It should NOT be….

• Full of irrelevant information

• A list of job titles and duties

• Jumbled and cramped

• Vague and lacking in detail

• Dishonest


This page then is written to equip you with the necessary insights required to market yourself. But it is not simply giving you information. You must play your part….

• Think about the questions asked.

• Research what you have done previously.

• Analyse the skills you have developed.

Why? Because this will help you know yourself better. It might help convince you that you have more to offer than you realised. The great British disease is modesty or feeling negative about us.

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