Top 25 Interview Questions

Top 25 Interview Questions :

About the Job

The advertisement you have applied for will have a description of the job. It will mention the responsibilities of the position the expectations the company has of the person chosen.

It may be possible to speak to someone from the company on what is expected. This can be extremely useful as very often the advertisement is not particularly descriptive. You should try to get a job description as that will tell you exactly what is expected. You can then structure your CV and even your discussions around it to show why you are clearly well-suited for the job.

The reason the job description is very important is because it will tell you...

The job title and the department where you will work

The responsibilities of the job

The duties that the job entails

The person/position to whom you would report to

The organisational structure

Another matter that you should try to ascertain is the conditions of employment, like...

The place of work

The hours of work

The pay

The terminal benefits

The medical scheme

Period of notice to terminate employment

Annual leave

Sick pay

You should also take a hard look at yourself and ask...

How do I match up?

Do I want this job?

Do I have the right qualifications and experience?

Do I have the necessary competencies?

Do I have any special skills?

Are there any gaps? If so how can I correct them?

What are the things that I have which place me in a better position?

What are my strengths and how can I capitalise on them?

What are my weaknesses and how can I negate them?

You should remember and the interviewers are aware that there will be gaps. No one is 100% perfect. To convince the employer that you are the right person you will need to demonstrate that....

The gaps are not significant and that you will be able to bridge them.

You are willing to learn and be trained.

You are not afraid of hard work.

You are committed and enthusiastic.

Having said that, if you are offered the job and you need to study some more or be trained you should do this with enthusiasm.

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