Top Interview Questions

Top Interview Questions :

Before actually going for the interview, you should do some research and preparations as that will stand you in excellent stead at the time of the interview. You will be more prepared and be able to ask the right kind of questions. This is something that applicants often ignore and can be a terrible irritant. I believe that if the applicant is well-prepared, it shows the interviewer that he/she is serious about the job. It is important to demonstrate that you are keen not only on the job but also on the company. This interest can even result in your being offered the job.

I recollect an individual who came for an interview to a bank without doing any homework at all. He knew nothing of the organisation or what its focus was on. The individual was better qualified than the person who was finally chosen for the job. The fact that went in the other person's favour was that he had studied the bank, spoken to several individuals about it, knew its strengths and shortcomings and could discuss intelligently how the organisation should go forward.

In another instance, an individual came to an interview to a pharmaceutical company and spoke of the benefits of a competitor's products. He had not done his homework and got the products confused.

What should you research?

You should find out about the company, the job, how well you fit into it and about the interview itself.

About the company

Learn everything you can about the company. Focus not only the company's statistics - its profit margin, products, number divisions, locations and employees - but also on its culture and values.

The list detailed below will help you in this quest for information.

Key people in the organisation

The organisational structure

The number of offices and factories

The number of employees

Major products or services

Size in terms of sales

Major customers

Major competitors

You can get this from....

Clients and suppliers to the company

The company's competitors

Information on the company sent to candidates

The public relations department of the company

Annual reports

Latest news reports on the company.... This could be on local or national news. Determine too how these affect the company.

The Internet..... Nearly all companies have websites.... these give quite a lot of important information.

Employees of the company through personal contacts.

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