Top Ten Interview Questions

Top Ten Interview Questions :

Interview Day

The day has finally arrived. It is Interview Day. What should you do? Before you leave Home make sure that you do get up well in time. The last thing you should be doing is hurrying on this day of all days. Have a good bath. This is important. A long bath will soothe and refresh you. It will also give you a clean look. After you have dressed, look at yourself in the mirror. You must be pleased with the image. Ensure that the clothes are clean, well-ironed and match. They must be appropriate as well. The shoes should be well-polished. Use a deodorant and an after-shave / perfume. If you are a woman, ensure your makeup is appropriate and that you look good.

Have a light meal. You must never go to an interview without eating. Your stomach will groan and nimble. If, on the other hand, you overeat, you will feel bloated and won’t be able to show yourself in the best light. Brush your teeth after you have eaten. You don’t want your mouth to smell. Ensure that you have a watch that is dependable and shows the correct time. A good watch is very- important. Make sure that you have a pen with you. You can never be certain when you are likely to need one.

It is useful to take your certificates and credentials with you. The prospective employer may wish to see them. This is often asked for in entry-level jobs. It becomes less important when one applies for more senior positions as the emphasis then is on what you have done. If it takes half-an-hour to reach the interview venue, leave forty-five minutes to an hour in advance. It pays to be early. If you keep it to the last minute and if there is a traffic jam, you may be very late for the interview. You cannot afford to leave anything to chance.

On Arrival

You should aim to arrive at the interview venue at least fifteen minutes in advance. The time is necessary for you to familiarize yourself with the location and to get a grip on yourself - to relax. Arriving at the last minute can be stressful and puts you at an immediate disadvantage. Interviewers are usually annoyed with persons who arrive breathless at the last minute with their hair in a mess.

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