Types of Interviews

Types of Interviews :

The Nice Guy

The nice guy is charm itself. He will be solicitous. He’ll thank you for coming for the interview. He’ll make small talk. He’ll comfort you and make you feel relaxed. This is wonderful. He may do this as he knows that he will be able to get to know you better until you are fully relaxed. Or he may be lulling you into a state of comfort and then pounce on you.

The Parent

There are interviewers who are like parent figures. They will smile at you in encouragement. Their faces will beam when you answer nicely. They will appear to be very supportive. Here again, they may be helping you to relax to give you the opportunity of putting your best foot forward which is very nice. Or they may want to lull you into a feeling of security and then get you to drop your guard, which is not very nice.

The Disinterested

There are interviewers who may appear disinterested. They may yawn during the interview and may not appear to be even remotely interested in the whole process. It may be that they have been asked to endure the process and sit in. Sometimes this is an act to observe the interviewee. Often these persons may surprise you with a question that catches you off-guard. Be a little wary of these people.

The Observers

Some interviewers are the silent types. They may not ask you a single question and will sit quietly and observe you - either doing a great job or making a fool of you. They will, on the basis of the answers you’ve given and the way you’ve conducted yourself, decide whether you should be hired or not. In some companies, these are the ones who make the decisions. Treat them with respect.

The Disorganised One

The disorganised interviewer is not prepared. He has papers strewn all over his desk. He may not have read your CV. Often, because of the mess on his desk. He is unable to find your application. He may mistake you for someone else. He may know your name but nothing about you. He may not know much about the job on offer. It can be terribly annoying. Even if you are irritated, you should not show it. You should be diplomatic and tactful. Your job is to impress upon him that you are the best person. That’s all.

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