Typical Business Letters

Typical Business Letters :

Exercise : V

1. Write a letter that includes all eight optional parts of a business letter.

2. Write three more letters. Be sure to vary the format, punctuation and type.

Prepare envelopes for each.

If possible, make these real letters to real people which you will actually mail. When you receive a response, particularly if it is to a complaint letter, share it with your facilitator and classmates.

The heading is on the right and should be lined up with the left margin.

The salutation is too informal - it should be Dear Mr. McIntyre.

The punctuation style is inconsistent. Pick one and make the appropriate corrections.

The paragraphs should not be indented.

The closing should be lined up with the left margin.

The letter is not signed.

Finally, the language in the body of the letter should be formal.

Doug should inform Mr. McIntyre he is available for an interview at any time.

As well, the telephone number should have been included.

An idea of what is expected for an answer to this question follows. Of course, answers will vary, but the errors listed above must be covered.

55 Crawley Drive
Fredericton, NB E3B 2G5

October 17 - 1993

Thomas McIntyre
Simon and Gould Processing
12 Brenan Road
Fredericton, NB E2A 1A0

Dear Mr. McIntyre,

I am writing to apply for a job with your company. I have had experience working on developing machines, both at Green's Discount Processing in Bathurst and at Fredericton Graphics.

My complete employment history and educational background is in my résumé included with this letter. I am hardworking and I am only satisfied when a job is done well. Also I like people and deal with customers well.

I am available for an interview at any time. Please call me at 555-1213.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Doug Stratford

Doug Stratford

The letter must demonstrate knowledge of rules of punctuation, spelling, grammar, and capitalization, as well as good sentence structure and unified paragraphs. An example of an acceptable answer to this question follows.

Apt. 12A, 22 Hathaway Avenue
NB E1C 4K5

July 5 – 1999

Mr. Charlie Peters
Apt. 1, 22 Hathaway Avenue
St. Joseph, NB E1C 4K5

Dear Mr. Peters,

I moved into apartment 12A on July 1 - 1993. Before signing the lease on June 15 - 1993, we agreed that certain repairs would be taken care of before I moved into the apartment. Since I moved from Saint John, I did not have a chance to check on the apartment before arriving on July 1. The repairs were not done. I would like the works to be completed in time.


Yours Cordially

Typical Business Letters

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