Typical Interview Questions

Typical Interview Questions :

On Yourself :

Personal :

Tell us about yourself. This is a question asked at most interviews. Be factual. Do not either praise or undersell yourself. Both could damage you. Be prepared to do a '60-second commercial about yourself'. Touch on your academic qualifications, your background, your current activities, your experience, your future goals and your availability. You may also describe the evolution of why you want to get into a particular industry. Articulate your strengths and skills and what you can bring to the organisation. Show that there is a fit between you and the position you are seeking.

What do you think your supervisor/co-worker would say about you?

What three keywords would your peers use to describe you?

What would your boss say is your biggest problem?

How would your best friend describe you?

How would your worst enemy describe you?

Tell us about the passion in your life as it relates to your work.

What aspects of your work excite you the most?

What can you Contribute to our Organisation? :

You should explain how you hope to contribute to the organisation. You could explain how you have been an asset to your previous and present employers and how you would contribute if hired. It would help if you have researched the company because you would then be able to be specific (if you have done the job well).

Good research involves....

Doing research on the job and the organisation.

What do they need?

What are the requirements for the position?

What role does this job play in the overall goals of the organisation?

Doing research on yourself.

What skills and experiences and interests can you offer?

How will you add value to the organisation?

How can you prove that you have the required skills and experience needed for the job?

Other related questions that could be asked are...

What is the most attractive aspect of the job you are interviewing for?

In order to successfully meet the responsibilities of this position, which of your personal qualities will be of the greatest benefit?

What part of the job do you look forward to the most?

What part of the job do you look forward to the least?

What aspect of our organisation has the greatest appeal for you?

Knowing our organisation and the position that you're interviewing for, where can you make the greatest contribution?

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