Typical Interview

Typical Interview :

Candidate : Good Morning Sirs!

Chairman : Good Morning Mr. Abhishek. Please take your seat.

Candidate : Thank you, Sir (occupies the chair meant for the candidates and sits upright. He takes care of his body language.)

Chairman : Where did you complete your graduation from.... Mr. Abhishek ?

Candidate : From Malanad Engineering college, Hassan Sir.

Chairman : Which is your branch of specialisation ?

Candidate : Electrical Engineering

Chairman : How do you think that you are helpful to our corporation?

Candidate : Sir, power corporation is a power generation company. My subject of Specialisation is Electrical engineering which deals with power generation, transmission and distribution. So I thought I would be useful to the power corporation.

Chairman : Have you visited any of power stations ?

Candidate : Yes sir. Recently I visited Raichur Thermal Power Station in Shakti Nagar. It is very interesting. At present, it is the only Thermal power station in Karnataka.

Chairman : How many units of power are generated daily when all the units are running at Raichur Thermal Power Station.

Candidate : Sir....Totally seven units are installed in the power house.... each of 210 MW. When all the units are running about 35 millions units of power are generated every day.

Chairman : Do you know anything about our hydel stations?

This is the Typical Interview held for the Post of Asststant Engineer in a power generation company. The interview thus continues.

An interview is a personality test. There will be a panel of four or five members (it may be more also) and the panel looks for a sound grasp of the candidate's academies, self awareness, clarity of goals and well rounded personality.

In an interview basically the members try to find out the person's (condidate)


ability to learn





Interview is the most crucial period for the candidates who seek a job. The competition for a job opportunity is intense these days. Thousands of candidates apply for jobs. The jobs are always only a few. The youngmen and women on the thereshold of their career have to take some important steps to embark on the job of their choice. The interview is the only way to assess the capacities of a candidate. It is by way of asking questions on related subjects and general knowledge.

The interviewer will ask questions to explore the candidate's past and persent verifiable accomplishments and how they will relate to future duties with the organisation. The interviewer may also ask situational questions. Interview is simply used to disqualify unsuitable candidates. The job seeker should consider interview seriously. Many people try to detract and fill wrong notions about interviews in the candidate's mind. Usually the term eye wash is used to tell the interview is of no use. Such notions create unnecessary doubts and sap the candidate's energy. The candidates doubt the selection process. They presume that there is favouritism. Such things may shake the candidate's faith. It cannot be like that. Interview is the most talked about topic of the selection process. Basically there is no syllabus for an interview. Before called for an interview a competitive examination may be held. But remember, though there is no prescribed syllabus for the interviews, they have a definite pattern and a system upon which the questions are structured. Above all, interview is the last step in the selection procedure that enables the interview panel or the board to measure the personality traits of the candidate evaluate and match them with the concerned post say engineer, accountant etc. The interview is always job specific. It is a systematic approach of selection.

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