Typical Job Interview Questions

Typical Job Interview Questions :

You should not walk into an interview unprepared. You should try to anticipate the questions the interviewer is likely to ask and prepare yourself to answer them in a manner that would satisfy him / her.

How can you do that? Is it possible to know before hand what your interviewer Will ask?

The answer is to try and anticipate the questions you are likely to be asked. When I was posted at New York, I saw preparation for a meeting at its very best. The chairman was to attend an analysts' meet. Two weekends before this meeting, senior executives spent the weekend at a retreat where they worked on all the questions that were likely to be asked and what would be the most acceptable and positive answers. It was brainstorming at its best. The week was spent in categorising the questions and fine-tuning the answers. Then the weekend before the meet, the chairman and the chief operating officer stayed at the retreat with these executives and they role-played the entire analysts' meet. The following Tuesday when the chairman met the analysts, he was fluent, confident, and in control. Not many knew of the huge amount of preparation that had taken place.

Job. announcements or advertisements usually detail some information of the kind of person being sought-the experience that he / she should have, qualifications and the like. These are_the keys to preparing for the interview. Think about the knowledge and skins required for the job. List the specific knowledge, skills and hot topics specific to your job. Write possible questions for the specific requirements and hot topics.

Interviewers ask questions designed to elicit responses that show the extent of your technical knowledge and whether you have the behavioural skills required for the job.

Think about the worst question you can face in an interview - one that you dread the most. Practice answering that. You must be prepared for that question. If you can answer it, the rest will be much easier.

A good way to practice is by doing a mock interview with a career counsellor, family member, or friend or in front of the mirror.

Some of the questions usually asked during an interview are detailed below to help you.

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