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We have discussed the computer job search and its implications for your job search. Here is a brief summary of where we stand.

On balance, scanning and computer applicant databases are probably to your advantage, especially in terms of outreach to larger firms. Similarly, through databases your file will be accessible to more employers than would have been the case in a traditional search. However, for people who are changing careers or whose main strength is in soft skills, the advantages are less pronounced.

The members of the Job Search Club contemplated what we had learned about the opportunities and challenges presented by computerized job searches and asked some insightful questions.

Anthony wanted to get to the bottom line: "Is this computer job search going to make it harder, easier or just different?" he asked. "The most important thing to understand," I told Anthony, "is that the computer is one more tool for you to use in your job search. It is not a magic pill. It does not replace networking, job fairs and your own outreach efforts. The computer job search adds opportunities to them"

It is quite possible that the computer databases will not be the most significant path to interviews for most people for two reasons.

Job growth is most significant in smaller companies for which these systems are not cost-effective and, therefore, not widely used (at least not yet).

The greatest beneficiaries of the computer database system will be people who have easily identifiable, highly attractive characteristics. Most of us are not in that category, because we are starting or restarting careers, changing career paths, or we excel in soft skills areas.

Now let's look at those three important adjectives Anthony mentioned.

Easier : Researching companies and industries can be easier for everyone because of the wealth of material available on the Web. Job search for high-profile individuals is easier because their job skills can score frequent hits because they are easily identified.

Harder : Computer scanning and data storage may mean a slightly different way of massaging your prototype cover letter and using it in partnership with your resume.

Different : Seeking a job by computer is different from seeking by paper. However, the difference is not so great that it will stand in your way.

To respond to Anthony's questions : Use the computer tools available to you but don't rely on them. They are not central to your job search in any case.

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