Writing An Effective Cover Letter

Writing An Effective Cover Letter :

There's an old saying: "It's like having an uncle in the carpet business." That is, If you are well-connected, you can get what you want more easily or on better terms. Wouldn't It be great to have all uncle or aunt in the hiring business?

In fact, being connected to an uncle / aunt, colleague, neighbor or whomever is one of the most effective ways people find employment.

Here is what an individual may be able to do for you.

Give you information about a career, an industry or a particular firm. Knowledge is empowerment and a professional doing the work you would like to do can be an incredible source of information and insights you wouldn't get from a book.

Give you references to more uncles / aunts so your circle of contacts can expand.

Give you leads to specific job openings - sometimes.

Let us start our look at networking from the worst plausible assumption. You just don't have all uncle / aunt in the carrer field of interest to YOu. Don't worry. For career proposes you can develop an extended family. The Job search Club discussed this topic at one of its meetings. Let's play out the story as David experienced it.

David was concerned that he' wouldn't know where to start. He was interested in financial analysis but didn't know a soul in the field, I suggested to David that we could create contacts where none yet existed, and the best place to start was with has immediate relatives and close neighbors, These people will always talk to you just because they know you, David made a chart showing his falllily members and neighbors, along with their respective professions. We called these his warm contacts.

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